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Kassadin is still good in Dominion, despite his map-specific nerfs. I don’t really advise getting him unless you play a lot of Dominion though, as his use in SR is very situational. Urgot is unbelievably strong on the Crystal Scar, and he’s not a bad choice in SR either as an anti-ADC or even solo top. Blitzcrank is also a very good roamer in Dominion, and he’s also one of the more frustrating supports in SR. Honestly, I realize that Dominion picks are really a whole article to themselves. There’s so many options both in terms of overall role composition and then with characters to fill those roles. We might look at that in the future, but for now you should have enough to help you out.

Benefits of Buying an Account: Many benefits or advantages can be listed when it comes to buying an account. Below a few of them are mentioned. These benefits help players to grow as well as their characters. These accounts help in playing the game with a new character and discovering all its abilities and power by battling with different people without having to affect their main account while playing ranked matches.

Rusty Blitzcrank is kind of a garbage skin. It didn’t make Runeterra’s favorite mech look significantly different from his base model, which is why Riot presumably pruned it from the store back in 2010. However, if you picked it up back when it was available, congratulations. It’s unappealing design has now become one of the rarest variants in League of Legends history. I guess one person’s trash is another’s treasure?

Leona is arguably bested only by Nautlius in the amount of CC built into her kit, which makes her excellent at starting fights, but also at looking after her ADC. Her shield also means she’s able to wade into a battle with minimal personal risk. Leona comes from the tanky, CC heavy brand of support. That means she can get involved in a fight, but you’ll need to be careful not to go too far, too fast. Engaging without a team to back you up is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed very quickly. You also need to remember that part of your job as a support is to look after your ADC, so it’s important to know that a big engage might benefit your team initially, but also puts you a long way from your carry. Always look to assess the threat to your team before jumping on the first badly positioned enemy. A big part of any support’s job is helping supply vision to your team and denying it to the enemy. All champions should be buying and placing control and trinket wards, but anyone playing support should also at the very least have a Sightstone and a Hextech Sweeper. Leona’s kit demands that you make her tanky, so a Locket of the Iron Solari is good for buffing her stats while also granting her and nearby allies a shield when activated. You’ll also want a Face of the Mountain, an item that builds out of starting item Relic Shield, providing health, sustain, and money to you and your carry.

Valorant developers have once again come up with a new patch update. Patch 4.11 will go live in different regions in the next few hours. However, ahead of the update, developers have already released the patch notes mentioning all the upcoming changes to the game. The biggest addition to this patch will be the introduction of the new ‘Clutch Mute’ feature. It will allow players to temporarily mass mute their teammates or party members to focus more on the game. Read extra info on Valorant boost.