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Top Naruto MMORPG in 2020 : Nin Online? Nin Online is a Ninja MMORPG featuring a large explorable world. Become a ninja and choose your village, participate in events and rank up as a ninja or simply enjoy the combat, the landscapes, or the community! You are yourself as a ninja in the ninja world – customize your character the way you want and learn the jutsu you like. Nin Online is a role-playing focused 2D Online RPG where you play as yourself in the ninja world. Choose from different villages or become a missing ninja in our ever expanding world. What will be your ninja way?

Organizations are groups of people either official ones created by admins or player made ones created by Silver and Gold Ninja. You will be able to find all organizations here. Once you’re in an organization in the forums it will appear in your bounty book (except secret organization like ANBU, Neo-Akatsuki and Hunter Nin). You will also be able to access the organization membership page on the forums once you join one.

The recent balance changes was to make way for new jutsu based on hybrid stats builds. This is the start of level 50+ content, jutsu styles like Medical + Taijutsu giving Tsunade/Sakura aka. Inner Strength style. Inner Strength style will be scaled based on Agility and Chakra stat. We will release these combinations one by one starting with Inner Strength, then Taijutsu and Sword + Elemental Masteries, eg. Water + Sword to get Suigetsu/Zabuza style jutsu. Lightning + Taijutsu will give you Raikage style jutsu. Elemental Kekkai Genkai will take a backseat for now (eg. Wood Release). See additional information at Naruto MMORPG.

The Twelve Guardians of Leaf are the bodyguards appointed to guard the Daimyo of the Land of Fire. They reside at the summit of the Leaf Village. Unique to most other organizations, they act as one group. When out on missions and hunts they are lead by one skilled leader or the organization leader. They are not split in squads and don’t have separate ranks. They are famous for wearing a unique waistcloth marked with the kanji for fire (?). They have a sub-group called the “Proteges” which are potential future members in training.

Chakra increases your maximum Chakra and charging speed (50 Chakra reduces the time from 1 second to about 900ms). Each point into this stat will add 5 Chakra to your maximum Chakra pool. They are used to cast ninjutsu in combat. Having a high amount of Chakra also allows you to detect hidden enemies. Chakra also scales with your base Weapon damage for Senbons. Fortitude increases your maximum Health. Each point allocated into this stat will grant you 10 Health. The more Fortitude you have the longer you can stand in battle. It is a necessity to be able to endure more hits as a ninja unless you intend to always fight at a distance. Find more details at here.