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Play Ninjago games online for free and more online games? LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids was released in 2014, following the reboot of the Ninjago series on Cartoon Network. The new game is set several years in the future in New Ninjago City. You fight through thirty levels of gameplay to become a Master of Spinjitzu. ?Nindroids introduces new villains and new characters, as well as new weapons, like the Techno blades that are featured in the TV series on Cartoon Network. Train at the dojo when you need to perfect your button mashing. Or try to beat Jay’s arcade game score in a mini game. You can even play in the story as a giant mech. The Noodle Bar owner is available to give you hints when you get stuck. Available for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Astray is no doubt an amazing example of best open source HTML5 and JavaScript games. This game really stands out from the rest of crowd as it showcases the ability of what WebGL can do in a web browser. It uses the Three.js and Box2dWeb libraries to create an advanced 3D user interface. The developer does not believe in the licenses and allows you to use it however you like. Clumsy Bird is a clone of “Flappy Bird” game and it makes use of the open source and lightweight HTML5 game engine MelonJS. The game works by you controlling a flying character and the mission is to successfully pass it from in-between the incoming walls without hitting them.

Stealth fans have nothing to worry about. Enjoy classic platformer while Hide behind objects, jump, and ambush your enemies in Ninjago Skybound. Never heard of fruit ninja? The possibilities are low. Spinjitzu Slash offers fruit ninja fun in a Lego Ninjago environment. Play as Lloyd and Slash up everything tossed at you. Want some classic Whack-A-Mole action? Whack-a-Shark shark is the perfect one with a Lego Ninjago flavour in it. Watch carefully whom you whack though. You don’t want to whack the Master. Read additional details on Play Ninja Games online for free.

Melon.js came about through the process of exploring game development with JavaScript. This has led to Melon.js possessing the following features: a sprite-built JS engine for 2D game development, is an independent project which doesn’t require additional libraries to work, supports mobile type devices as well as all leading browsers, optimization for mobile devices for motion and hardware, in-built HTML5 audio support, a practical physics engine to reduce the CPU usage, a great deal of effects that would be required for creating a functional on-line game in the browser. Community forums is hosted on Google Groups. Here, you can quickly yield answers to your questions in regards to how Melon.js works or in the case of you experiencing bugs. The documentation features severals dozens of demo applications built with Melon, some of which are open-source and can be used to learn different aspects of game development from.

Are you ready for some Ninjago action!! You must have heard of Lego. Lego Ninjago is an instalment of Lego with a Ninja twist in it. The Stories of Lego Ninjago Takes place in an Asian themed environment. If you are a fan of the Lego Ninjago series you will love these games. People who love ninjas and ninja tools will also find these games very amusing. Lego Ninjago series has been very popular among boys and girls of all ages. Don’t worry Adult and old people aren’t out of the list. Everyone loves Lego and you will love these games too. See additional information at this website.