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Searching for MAME 037b11 ROM’s? Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of retro gaming, various options are now available to accommodate those who own old titles and wish to emulate them legally. Many companies have emerged over the years that have taken a different approach to consolized emulation. The likes of Hyperkin have created hardware that is able to use original game cartridges for various systems, enhanced additional features.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sega’s spiny speed merchant proved himself a worthy rival to Nintendo’s Mario with his Mega Drive debut. Yet it was the spectacular loops, corkscrews and clever environmental tricks in the follow-up that proved his makers carried the same swagger. With co-op partner Tails in tow (whose real name, Miles Prower, is one of gaming’s best dreadful puns) this blistering adventure was one of the finest two-player games of the 16-bit era and still leaves many of the modern Sonic games for dust. Explore more details at

If you were a huge fan of the Commodore 64 or feel waves of nostalgia sweeping through your body after a glimpse of that bright red joystick and beige keyboard, the C64 Mini was made specifically for you. While it’s a console that comes with some caveats, like a joystick that’s extremely stiff and limited and a couple of high profile titles missing from it’s otherwise generous catalog (you won’t find Wasteland, Skate or Die, or Elite here), it’s delightful little shell is packed with retro fun that will transport you back to the era of stained-washed jeans and hair metal. A surprising number of the 64 included games are still a huge amount of fun to play, especially if you’re looking to jump around in a frenetic platformer, or immerse yourself in the deadly, futuristic racing league of Alleykat. While there are a lot of games that fall into similar niches (platformers and scrolling shooters are available in abundance), there are enough distinctive standouts to remind you why the original C64 was the best selling home computer of all time.

Wow, this is an oddball game. Yoshi’s Island almost completely forgoes the traditional gameplay set by previous Mario games. Instead of hopping and bopping on goombas’ heads as Mario, you’re protecting baby Mario as Yoshi all the while throwing eggs everywhere in a heavily stylized world that looks like a crayon drawing. While I don’t think this is quite as good as the other Mario games, this is a welcome departure from a well-trodden formula. It’s fun eating enemies and pooping them out as eggs (yes, that happens) and you’ll enjoy the inspired levels that will have you guessing what’s next. As a tip, if you want to see Yoshi waddle around and have blurred vision like he’s wasted, make sure to touch all the Fuzzies in the level “Touch Fuzzy get Dizzy.” Explore even more details on