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What are the best phones to run your favorite app ? The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the biggest phone Apple has created, and it’s also the most high-spec’d phone from the company. It’s expensive even by iPhone standards, but it features an all-screen, notch-toting, almost bezel-free design with masses of power under the hood. The big upgrades compared to the iPhone XS Max are the improved cameras and boosted power. Screen: The 6.5-inch OLED screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max really grabbed our attention – it’s fantastic for video streaming and gaming. Battery life: This is some of the best battery life we’ve ever experienced on an iPhone, with further optimizations within iOS and a larger cell inside the phone itself. It’s still not game-changing, but it’s better than other Apple handsets.

Our top pick : Steampunk Tower 2 1.0.6 Apk is the second installment of the TOO DreamGate studio game series. Which released for free on Google Play. And as always, we decided to introduce it to you for free with a very exculsive mod! The game was made after the first half received some good feedback from the players. But this time TOO DreamGate has come up with some very creative innovations. That will make the Steampunk Tower 2 game very different and more evolved than the first. In the first part you were in the role of Lord Bingham who built a tower equipped with a valuable mine to extract valuable materials, which caused him many enemies. In the second part of the conflict, it has spread to the whole country and even to the foreign borders! Steampunk Tower 2 is set to experience a full-scale war in an industrialized world. This time you are planning to travel to Spain and build and transport defensive towers equipped with different locations in a secret base. That is why you will have fierce battles with enemies in the Steam Punk 2 tower defense game in numerous locations. Get Steampunk Tower 2 1.0.6 Apk For Android + Mod for free.

The tip of the month for saving battery time and have more apps gaming time : A phone constantly beeping and buzzing with notifications is annoying and a battery drain, so knock it off. Your phone has to trigger an internal motor to buzz, which-you guessed it-uses energy. Go into the sounds and vibration settings and turn vibration intensity down. Here, you can also disable haptic feedback so it doesn’t vibrate when you type or touch the screen. That said, app updates can be hefty, eating into data and battery life. So it might be a good idea to restrict app (and OS) updates to when you are on Wi-Fi. Or shut off auto-updates temporarily until you can juice up again.

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