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Remember the times when playing games on computer was considered a kids play ground ? Hello? Wake up, it’s 2019 and competitive playing computer games is almost on the same level with high audience sports : lots of viewers, lots of money.

That’s why the support infrastructure for esports is also growing, things like esports news websites , gaming guides websites , etc. Where is a large crowd and lots of money there is also a developing support industry.

One of the latest esports news is ESTNN: Esports News , you can check their esports coverage at Esports Gaming News.

And now on to some nice headlines from the esports world in February 2019 :

As we kick off the second half of the LEC Spring Split, some underwhelming teams might have shown signs of life in week six. Teams like Fnatic and Misfits Gaming, who have been struggling through the first half of the season, have impressed critics with convincing 2-0 performances. Meanwhile, other top-tier teams have faltered just a bit, like Schalke 04 and Origen. These stumbles are the mistakes that some organizations might need in order to catch up with the rest of the pack. Let’s get into our LEC Power Rankings for Week Five.

Today (February 28, 2019) marked the first quarterfinal of the IEM Katowice Major as the Champions stage got underway. We saw Na’Vi take on FaZe Clan and ENCE put up a fight against Team Liquid. Both games resulted in thrilling moments on numerous occasions as we’d expect from such a high-level tournament.
Na’Vi show dominance against FaZe Clan

The first map of the day was Inferno, a map typically known to be a decider given its history. We jumped right in with Egor “flamie” Vasilyev getting an ace in the pistol. The subsequent round went Na’Vi’s way but they couldn’t get another round for a long time. FaZe went off to snatch eight in a row on their t-side, forcing frequent rotations and imposing fakes to constantly confuse the counter-terrorists. Håvard “rain” Nygaard, AdreN, and Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer were especially effective at menacing while entering on bombsites in the half which ended 10-5 for FaZe. The second half yet again found the t-side to be the better-performing side, this time masked by Na’Vi players. Somehow, flamie managed to replicate his ace on the pistol round while being on the offensive on B bombsite.

A new Apex Legends playable character was reportedly leaked on Reddit earlier today by user Voeno. The character is called Octane, the high-speed daredevil. The leak included only one screenshot which listed his passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

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