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Each week brings a shuffling of content to Destiny 2, and this week that includes another Ascendant Challenge along with something minor but technically new: the next stage of the murder mystery quest. The Ascendant Challenge, on the other hand, is not actually new, having been recycled from earlier in the season for Forsaken players. But whether you’ve done it before or not, there’s good reason to give it a shot, as Powerful gear awaits you as a reward. Here’s where to go and what to do to complete the current Ascendant Challenge.

Before you try to tackle the Ascendant Challenge, the same requirements as always hold true; most notably, you need a Tincture of Queensfoil. This is a consumable item that you’ll happen upon while playing in the Dreaming City, although you can also buy them. Using a Tincture gives you the Ascendance buff, which allows you to see a Taken portal. It’s this portal you must go through to complete the Ascendant Challenge. Along with a Tincture, you have to grab the Ascendant Challenge bounty from Petra in the Dreaming City; it’s through this that you actually get your Powerful gear.

For the current challenge, the portal is located in Rheasilvia. In the northeast corner, head inside a building and go straight as far as you can. Turn right, and then go left in the next area to reach Harbinger’s Seclude. Go up a set of stairs and out the doorway on the right. Head straight through this area, through another doorway, and continue straight in the next zone. At the end of a bridge you’ll see a statue covered in Taken Blight balls; platform your way up the objects around it and you’ll be able to go through the portal on top of its head. Check out the video above for a walkthrough. If you struggle to get up, take out your ghost and you’ll see some invisible platforms just off the slide of the area that can help you get up.