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Doodle army mini militia game is an action game with most hilarious things on it that can equally get one to droll about the game and it’s amusing part which as well means that it’s also a humorous funny game that also makes one feel excited when playing it.

The game is really not a single player game as that’s how it’s been stated to be and it is also programmed in an appropriate way making the the gameplay look more effective to play. So the game is actually a multiplayer combat game that ultimately involves so many players and to Best part of it was to be that it’s players all come online to play the game or maybe could be from the system but that’s it.

The game is actually a game whereby you’ll need to experience the intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online but typically it’s mostly restricted from users without the WiFi network meaning that playing the game in a multiplayer mode will involve in having a WiFi network of which is not really been used on all countries, so that might be amongst the negative part of the game that can equally cause a mislay. comprehensively the game has become one of the most favorite party game of all time were You can use a variety of weapons to kill your opponents.

Mini Militia. Recently, several Mini Militia Newbie’s dropped us questions about Mini Militia tips and tricks. If you are one of them and wondering – Why am I failing to get high score and rank? you must read this post.

Once you go through these tricks and go out to play a Mini Militia match, your gameplay might increase up to 80%. Thus, these tricks will also help you rank up fast.

Mastering Mini Militia takes time. But for a Newbie, it becomes a pain in the a**. Neither he/she knows about those small tricks in the game that sets apart a winner from a loser. Also, there are players with modded apks that make it extremely difficult to play and win.

These Mini Militia tricks are for both Android and iOS. Most importantly these tips and tricks are best for those of you who hate Mini Militia hacks and want to win matches without cheating.

Always equip yourself with two different guns so that you can gain advantage when an opponent tries to shoot you down. Prefer to have a sniper, shotgun and a rocket launcher that can help you at the most crucial times.

Even upon using shields, if you have been hurt by bullets or bombs, you need to immediately find a place to hide out, other than fighting with the opponent. This type of escaping from the scene and hiding from the opponent’s eye sight helps you to regain your health as much as possible.

When your overall health is low, then you can commit suicide rather than standing there and giving away points to your opponent player. No kind of penalty shall be given when you make of this trick in offline gameplay mode.

Completely avoid playing with hackers who tend to have great skill points. They can easily beat you down and grab away the weapons from your vault.

The following are some of the working tips that you can follow up to rank high in the battle field.

Before battling with a new opponent, make sure to reload your guns.

Always remember to make good use of two double guns during the gameplay. This type of using double guns can eventually rank you up.

Sniper Rifle and a killer sword is a great combination for long and short range encounters.

Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod. Death Sprayer Mod has gained a lot of hike since the day it was released on the web. This is the only Mini Militia mod that lets you launch innumerable rockets in fractions of a second.

Rockets, Saw Cutters, and Machete: This Mod lets you launch all these weapons at a rate that is on par with other automatic and semi-automatic guns in the game.

Default Weapons: Every time you respawn you will get Saw cutter and Rocket Launcher in dual wield as the default weapons.

Unlimited Mines: Throw sensor mines along with the rockets that travel in the air as long as they don’t find a place to stick.

The user could choose the map in the lobby where the players get ready. Try clicking on the ‘Maps’ button to vote for the map.